I decided to shoot a bunch of plants & things on black velvet this weekend for a little lighting study.

A month or so ago I shot these photos of Paul & his friend Scott skating around columbus with my olympus stylus, to use along with other images for the Jeni’s Flavor From the Midwest campaign. I’m really impressed with how well that little camera was able to capture what I wanted - it’s tricky to get the timing down on point & shoots!

Last July I went to Nashville, TN for the first time to photograph some talented makers in the area for inclusion in Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream Desserts. Unfortunately, these pieces did not make it into the final print of the book but I am very glad I got to visit for a short & sweet 8 hours!

First we traveled to the shop/studio of Otis James, who makes bow ties, neckties, ladyties, caps, ascots, etc, all by hand the old fashioned way. Every detail is done by hand and can be custom made. The fabrics and colors he chooses are spot-on and timeless. He just announced earlier this month that his shop will be relocating from the Marathon Motor Works building to a space right across the street from Barista Parlor, so that’s pretty exciting!

Second, we visited Annie Williams in her studio. She makes these amazing leather goods from hides that are sourced from small-batch tanneries, so each collection is limited in quantity. Her designs are minimal to highlight the beauty of the leather itself. She and Jeni spent a good deal of time talking about the similarities between buying milk & hides from responsible and ethical sources, and the difficulties but benefits it provides. 

Otis & Annie both also have really amazing look books/photographs of their pieces for new collections or products, so please check out their sites to soak up their goodness & inspiration!

Hope to see you again someday, Nashville!

I might be a little crazy about photographing poppies when I see them.